9th Annual mHealth + Telehealth World

9th Annual mHealth + Telehealth World

Held: July 24-25, 2017 in Boston, MA

Care delivered through technology is shifting from an added benefit to a standard model of delivering health care. Join us at mHealth + Telehealth World 2017 to learn strategies to keep up with this trend and understand the impact connected health will have on the future of health care. This Summit is a must attend for health care executives interested in learning how to most efficiently utilize mHealth, Telehealth, and remote patient monitoring technologies to engage consumers, improve outcomes, and lower costs.

Keynote Sessions Include:

  • Co-Chairperson’s Welcome and Opening Remarks
  • Protect and Enhance Your Digital Health Capabilities by Increasing Your Cybersecurity Measures
  • OPENING KEYNOTE: Build a Fully Integrated, Technology-Enabled, Physician-Led Connected Care Program
  • PANEL DISCUSSION: Grow and Scale Your Connected Care Program to Expand Your Capabilities and Ensure Success
  • Increase Patient and Provider Engagement Within Your Digital Health Program
  • PANEL DISCUSSION: Discuss Strategies to Overcome Operational Challenges Associated with Telehealth and Strengthen the Bottom Line
  • Choose the Appropriate Technology to Grow Your Digital Health Program
  • Define Specific and Achievable Goals for Your Digital Health Initiatives by Evaluating the Requirements and Constraints of Target Populations
  • Increase Program Reach and Success by Facilitating Clinical and Provider Buy-In
  • CASE STUDY: Use Telemedicine to Reach Underserved Communities -- Perspectives from a Medicaid Managed Care Organization and an Integrated Health Care System
  • Identify Best Practices to Increase Patient Adoption of Connected Care Initiatives
  • Use Digital Health to Improve Population Health and Preventive Care
  • Improve Physician Buy-In to Transform your Telemedicine Program

Innovation Track Sessions Include:

  • Chairperson’s Welcome and Review of Day One 
  • Measure Improved Outcomes and Reduced Costs as Primary Drivers of Return on Investment
  • Utilize Emerging Technologies such as Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning to Improve Efficiency and Enhance the Capability of Your Telehealth Program
  • Balance Technology and the Human Element to Provide the Highest Quality of Care
  • Examine Ways to Use Patient Generated Data to Shape Connected Care Programs
  • Leverage Technology to Ease the Transition from Fee-For-Service to Value-Based Care

Engagement and Access Track Sessions Include:

  • Chairperson’s Welcome and Review of Day One 
  • Gain Insight from the Best – Analysis of the “Digital Hospital 500” Rankings of the Most Digitally Advanced Hospitals
  • Use School-Based Telemedicine to Maximize Pediatric Care in Underserved and Rural Populations
  • Discuss Ways that Connected Care Can Expand Access and Use of Behavioral Health Services
  • Leverage Connected Health Platforms to Manage Specialist Shortages and Increase the Effective Range of Care
  • Improve Clinician Training in Telemedicine to Maximize the Effectiveness of Your Clinical Champions